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Moto Q With Everything Messaging Family 1500?


Moto Q With Everything Messaging Family 1500?


I currently have an LG Rumor that we're still under contract with. I've had it for a year, and am getting bored with the outdated OS. Nothing's physically wrong with it, i'd just like a change. Since I still have another year on our contract I would either have to wait another year to upgrade, or extend our contract two more years and pay $250+ for a new phone. So I decided to look around on Ebay for either a second hand phone, or a new phone (which still comes out cheaper than a new phone from Sprint). A couple months ago we purchased a BlackBerry 8703e from Ebay used for around $80. Prior to purchasing we asked a Sprint representative at a Sprint store, and an online representative to make sure this phone would be compatible with our current plan (Everything Messaging Family 1500), and both answers were a confirmed yes. Well to get to the question I'm trying to get answered, after shopping around on Ebay only a few phones caught my eye, cross checked them with Sprint, none of them are compatible with our current plan (All the good phones require a data plan -.-). Except the Moto Q they weren't too clear on. It looks like a great phone, and has everything I need (QWERTY, messaging, "Bar" style) and at a reasonable price. So I would really appreciate a definite, final answer. Would the Moto Q be compatible with the Everything Messaging Family 1500 without changing our plan or adding a data add-on (either the $15 or $30 add-on). Sprint has some pretty vague and not so accurate answers and would like to get some input.



Re: Moto Q With Everything Messaging Family 1500?

I have had the same question and here is the response I got. Still not super definitive because maybe their policy has changed since then.


Re: Moto Q With Everything Messaging Family 1500?

As of 10/5/10, this is the list of phones that do require a data plan.  The Moto Q is not on it, so yes, according to this, it will be compatible with your Messaging plan.  But I'm having it double-confirmed with a co-worker who's an expert on the subject.  Stay tuned.

  • Palm® Pre™
  • Samsung Instinct®
  • Samsung Instinct® s30™
  • Samsung Instinct® HD
  • HTC Hero™ with Google™
  • Samsung Moment™ with Google™
  • Samsung Intercept™ with Google™
  • Palm® Pixie™
  • BlackBerry® Curve™ 8530 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Curve™ 9330 smartphone
  • BlackBerry® Bold™ 9650
  • LG Optimus S™
  • SANYO Zio™
  • Samsung  Transform™
  • Motorola ES400S
  • HTC EVO™ 4G: Requires specific plans plus $10  Premium Data add-on.
  • Samsung Epic™ 4G a Galaxy S™ phone: Requires  specific plans plus $10 Premium Data add-on.

Re: Moto Q With Everything Messaging Family 1500?

I have confirmed that the system will not require a data plan (i.e., the Moto Q IS compatible with your Everything Messaging plan) but please be aware that this is a Windows Mobile phone and you're likely to incur casual data charges because of the many phone features requiring a data connection.  If you already have the separate $15 data pack, you're good; you get full usage of the phone except for Phone as Modem.

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