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New phone at end of contract


New phone at end of contract

My 2 yr contract ends in a couple of months, then it goes month to month. If I pay full price for a new evo after my contract ends, can I just swap it out with my current phone and stay month to month. I will not be activating a new line, just switching one paid off phone for another. After waiting years for the old 4G that never happened, I would rather pay full price for a phone with option to bail out if LTE does not show up within the year. Funny, Sprint always comes to New Orleans every other year for the big Wireless Conference talking big about 4G, but they have never managed to get it up and running in New Orleans. 

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Re: New phone at end of contract

NATE70115, the service agreement would be required only if you were getting a discount on the device. If you are paying full retail price you can still do a swap and go month to month.

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