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Off-network included in the American Plan?????


Off-network included in the American Plan?????

If you are in roaming and make a call either to a land line or to another cell phone you will be charged against your anytime minutes. If you have no anytime minutes left and you have the american roaming on your plan you will be charged at a reduced rate.

$.45 per min instead of $.69 per min. essence roaming IS NOT FREE!!   How many people know this?????


Re: Off-network included in the American Plan?????

Hi NINETY99NINES, I understand the frustration you are describing and there might be confusion in regards to what is being charged for.  Sprint has domestic roaming agreements in the United States, Puerto Rico and US. Virgin Islands which includes roaming capabilities within your price plan at no additional cost, but yes this does use your anytime minutes just like a domestic on-network call before nights and weekends hours.  If you go over you’re anytime minutes based on your Sprint price plan it is $0.45 per minute and this charge is the same if you were roaming or not.

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