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Question about Virgin Mobile - I know Sprint owns them, so can you switch?


Question about Virgin Mobile - I know Sprint owns them, so can you switch?

(fyi I am on my boyfriend's account - we are on a family plan together right now but I didn't feel like making my own account for this discussion.)

Anyway my boyfriend and I have a plan together, we have something like 1500 minutes and then unlimited messaging and (for me) data, becuase I have the Lotus Elite and it pulls data no matter what. When we got these phones (almost a year ago but not quite, I think it was closer to november/december) I was in a position where I could pay for my half of the $150 phone bill, but times are tough and I had to change jobs. I now only make $7.25/hr and I can't justify spending $75 a month on a phone that doesn't even do cool stuff.

I just learned that Virgin Mobile has android phones with unlimited data/messaging and 300 minutes for only $35 a month. I can do that - I actually REALLY want to do that - and if it was just me that number of minutes would be way more than enough. I would love to do this but I'm terrified to invoke the dreaded cancellation fees. Does anybody know roughly how much it would cost to just cancel my line? My boyfriend would be keeping his phone and his current half of the plan. And as for me, I really would love to switch to Virgin Mobile, so technically Sprint would not even be losing me as a customer, correct? So is there any way that the cancellation fee for my line would/could be lessened, reimbursed or even waived to switch to the cheaper, non-contract plan?

I mean, I get that they want you to be in the contract becaus that's where the money is, but there has GOT to be an effective way for me to get out of this and switch without going broke.

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