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Sero Upgrade to Sero Premium w/4g Data Package


Sero Upgrade to Sero Premium w/4g Data Package

1 Oct:

Upgraded a SERO 1250 Plan to SERO Premium 500 with 4G Data on an HTC EVO. Went online via chat and confirmed with Sprint that I was eligible and discussed plan costs and phone upgrade costs.

SERO 1250 was costing me 49.99 per month on a KRAZOR with a 15% corporate discount.


Upgraded to SERO Premium 500 for 40.00 plus 10.00 for 4G premium data package. Total cost 50.00 per month.

All previous SERO benefits except corporate discount transferred over and Sprint Navigation and any mobile, any time is now part of the package. All in all I dumped minutes I was not using for an awesome upgrade.


Got an HTC EVO. Retail cost 449.00. Had 150 hand set discount credit on my old plan as I had it for 3 years and never upgraded the phone plus 100.00 Out the door price was 314.13 and after deducting the 100.00 mail in rebate. Cost of upgrade costs me 200.00 plus 14.13 sales tax. Awesome deal.


Customer service rep at my Sprint store knew what he was doing as he had upgraded one previously. He even commented what a great deal the plan was. It is 30.00 cheaper than what you can get if you activate a new line with same services.

Off to the Sprint store now to upgrade my SERO 500 for 29.99 a month minus corporate discount to SERO 500 Premium with 4G for 50.00 a month. Thought I could get by with one 4G device but when the wife saw the new equipment she wanted one too. Hate to see my old SERO go for what I was paying......

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