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Sigh... no renewal credits for sero?

Journeyman xfn

Sigh... no renewal credits for sero?

Should check with them before renewing/upgrading to sero premium; might have a chance at that moment.

Here is the Reply from e-care:

Thank you for contacting Employee Phone Programs. Upon research and

review of phone number ---, we found that you are a SERO

account. Unfortunately, SERO accounts are not eligible for contract

renewal credits. SERO accounts are already discounted accounts are not

combinable with any other discounts. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter.



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Sigh... no renewal credits for sero?

its been like that for years, sero were never to get any additional discounting since the the plans are equivelent to a $80.00 consumer plan and pay between $30-$50 depending on device.

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