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Smaller Family Plan?


Smaller Family Plan?

Since Sprint has offered Any Mobile Anytime, we have no use for the 1500 minutes. 500 or 700 minutes would be fine but sprint only offers the 1500 minutes for 109 or 119. also premeir customers shouldnt have to pay for the $10 dollar premium 4g (especially since 4g isnt widely available) but we have been with sprint since 1997/1998. we should be offered discounts and not be charged premiums. also there needs to be a smaller family plan. with anymobile, there is no need for that many minutes for a big price tag.

Bottom line: give customers discounts who have been with sprint FOREVER and not charge premiums and maybe even cheaper phones for long term customers?

Offer a smaller/cheaper family plan. T-mobile has been looking pretty good and better phones are available since you can buy UNLOCKED overseas phones and simply change your simcard.

p.s. Custom made call tones would be good too (ability to select song and part of the song you want)


Re: Smaller Family Plan?

Same here> Sprint needs to offer smaller plans for families. Now that AnyMobile, AnyTime has really benefited the plans it would be good if they would introduce a smaller plan especially for Premier memebers.


Re: Smaller Family Plan?

I argree with both of u all they should have smaller family plan for pepole who dont use alot of mintues n they should also keep the plans that r out now for thoese pepole who does use a lot of mintues.

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