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Smartphone contract help


Smartphone contract help

     I currently have the  Everything Messaging Family plan with Sprint with a total of 4 phones. I  want to upgrade my phone and get either the Blackberry Bold 9650 or the  HTC Hero. I am not due for an upgrade through Sprint but I plan on  buying a new phone off of ebay. My question is can I use either of those  phones on my current plan? I am not interested at this time in using  the internet on the phones, I simply want one of them because I like  them a lot. I currently have the Blackberry Curve 8330 and am able to  use it without a data plan so I am hoping I will be able to use another  smart phone without a data plan as well. Also I am not interested in hearing about why would I want a smart phone without taking full advantage of all of the features and etc. A data plan is just too expensive at the moment. I thank you for your help!

     Also if those phones will not work then what smart phones would work on my plan? Thanks!

Re: Smartphone contract help

Can anybody help me at all? Please...

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