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[Solved] Sprint's "International Long Distance and Text" add-on, charges to Canada?


[Solved] Sprint's "International Long Distance and Text" add-on, charges to Canada?

So I've asked this question to 5 different Sprint reps now, and have recieved multiple answers. I'm hoping someone who actually uses this add-on to call Canada can verify the charges.

Q: If I add the $15 a month "Sprint International Long Distance and Text" to a plan, will calling Canada (let's assume a land line country code 1+250), incured the additional $0.09 a minute international charge or just use my anytime minutes?? Please don't use the $4 a month add-on as an example as it's different according to what I'm reading (all calls to Canada are $0.09 a minute) and has been a point of confusion when dealing with some of these Sprint reps (who apparently didn't know the $15 a month add-on even existed).

The first rep I talked to in-store told me that it would only use my anytime minutes when calling Canada. From what I'm reading at the Sprint website this seems to be accurate, if only for certain country codes:

Others kept quoting the $4 a month add-on and wouldn't say an other option even existed to pay flat rate and avoid per-minute charges (one just tried to look it up over the phone and gave me completely erroneous information). While reading the document I linked makes it seem obvious that certain country codes are no additional charge, because I keep getting so many answers I'm hoping to verify with someone useing the $15 a month plan (the process of adding another line, new phone, etc, is all contingent on this detail so I can't just pop it on my plan and try for myself).

Thanks for the help, I have to say this has been my first bad experience with Sprint. They need to train their reps better or make information like this more clear and accessible to them.


Sprint's "International Long Distance and Text" add-on, charges to Canada?

I apologize about the confusion. This is a new plan that recently came out so I'm sure our reps are having questions about it as well. The correct answer is exactly what you determined based off your hyperlink. There is no additional cost to call to Canada using the area codes in that file as long as you are calling from the US and as long as it does not cause you to exceed your anytime minutes that those calls would use.


Sprint's "International Long Distance and Text" add-on, charges to Canada?

Thank you JoJo0401, that's the confirmation I was looking for. Since it's a new plan, I can forgive the confusion regarding the other Sprint reps. I think a message clarifying these details needs to be sent out though; if I hadn't been persistant Sprint would have missed out on a new customer from what I was being told.

Thanks again!


Re: Sprint's "International Long Distance and Text" add-on, charges to Canada?


If we were to call or text a cell phone instead of a land line on the  "ILD&T" would that be unlimited calls/text provided my plan has ulimited mobile calls/texts? And the call was part of the "included dial codes" of course.


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