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Sprint Mobile Broadband Contract Question


Sprint Mobile Broadband Contract Question

Almost 2 years ago I got the Sprint mobile broadband plan for 5GB/month  on a 2-year contract.  Well, the contract is about to end in less than a  month, but I still want a few more months.  I was wondering if after  the 2 year contract is up, does Sprint let you pay for more months as  you want or do you have to renew a entire 2 year contract again?  Also,  at the end of the contract, are they just going to stop my service or  are they going to automatically renew a contract unless I cancel it?


Sprint Mobile Broadband Contract Question


     Thank you for your question. After your contract term is up, unless you extend it by upgrading or accepting some form of discount either equipment or account discount. You will be on a month to month contract and you can terminate services when you choose.


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