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Sprint changed the policies


Sprint changed the policies

On my bill i noticed this message:

Sprint is making changes to its policies.

Please see the "Sprint News and

Notices" box on page 2, the back of

this page, for details.

Does this mean i can cancel my contract without paying an etf?



Re: Sprint changed the policies


Heya! Which policy is it stating is being changed? I'll research further into this for you.

Thank you,



Re: Sprint changed the policies

Hey William it says this on my bill:

Sprint is making changes to its policies.

Please see the "Sprint News and

Notices" box on page 2, the back of

this page, for details.

Then it sais on page two this:

Billing Information. This bill is due on the date shown. A late payment charge applies for unpaid balances

and is charged at the highest rate permissible by law. Sprint Nextel will impose a $25 charge for each

returned check. Service is subject to disconnection if payment is not received by the due date shown. Contact

us first with billing disputes, which must be made within 60 days of the invoice date. Charges that are not

properly disputed will be deemed accepted and due by the date shown. Roaming charges accrued during the

billing period may appear on subsequent bills because of third-party processing delays.

Contacting Sprint. Address written correspondence to: Sprint Customer Service, PO Box 8077, London, KY

40742 (include your name and account number). Please do not include any correspondence in your bill.

Call detail. Full call detail information is available online.

E911. Enhanced 911 (E911) services, which provide public safety officials your location during a 911 call are

not available everywhere and at all times. E911 availability is dependent on many factors, including the

ability of particular local public safety agencies to receive and process location information, the capabilities

of your equipment and other factors affecting the delivery of services.

Your Privacy. Protect against unauthorized account access by using a Personal Identification Number (PIN)

to identify yourself when calling Care or visiting a retail store. Visit to establish or change your

PIN. Don't use commonly known info like birthdays or SSNs. To access your account online, create a unique

UserID/password. To review Sprint's Privacy Policy, go to

ETF per line:  Up to $350 for Advanced Devices; up to $200 for other devices. Prorated ETF calculated by

months remaining in term times $20 (max. $350 & min. $100) for Advanced Devices or months remaining

times $10 for other devices (max. $200 & min. $50). No ETF in accordance with Sprint's Return Policy. See

Terms & Conditions/Service Updates. The terms & conditions of Sprint service sometimes change. The

current version is available online. Updates to your service will be provided in the Sprint News and Notices



This section contains important updates

about your Sprint Services, Including Service

or Rate Changes, Promotions and Offers.

Effective 10/1/12: Important Privacy

Policy Update

We can make mobile ads more relevant to

you. OPT IN at or

855-596-2397. We also share non-personal,

non-identifying customer data for business &

marketing reports. OPT OUT at or 855-596-2397. More

info available at



Due to the Nextel National Network

shutdown on 6/30/13, any Nextel devices sold

after 6/1/12 are intended to support existing

customers' migration efforts and no minimum

Order Terms will apply.

Phone Security

Sprint encourages you to set a phone

passcode or lock to help prevent

unauthorized access. See your phone's user

guide for instructions. Also consider

downloading a security app for your phone.

Report stolen phones to Sprint to protect your

account. For more information visit

So what does this mean?


Re: Sprint changed the policies


From what this says, we are not making any material change. It looks like, we are adding mobile adds which would be relevant to the specific user, however this is optional and you can opt out using the directions provided. This is not a scenario which would increase your cost of service and impact you financially, so in other words, we wouldn't allow you out of your contract without an ETF.

You can easily find our terms and conditions via

Is there a specific reason you're looking into terminating? I'd be glad to offer you some assistance if need be.




Re: Sprint changed the policies

No no reason just checking. I have like 7 months left before i can upgrade, but sprint does not have windows phone. so unless they have them by june next year i might switch to ATT

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