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Texting While Roaming? Do I Get Charged?


Texting While Roaming? Do I Get Charged?

Do I get charged for texting while roaming I have the plan with 450 anytime minutes unlimited mobile to mobile unlimited texting, and unlimited date I have the blackberry style 9670 which roams often when I am at home so I am unsure when I text during roaming how much or if I am being charged.


Texting While Roaming? Do I Get Charged?

This is from our Knowledge Base. 

Domestic Text Messaging Roaming   

  • Standard text messaging rates apply.
  • Text messages included in plan.
  • Pay-As-You-Go rate is $0.20 per sent and received text.

This means that Domestic Roaming texts are included in your plan but roaming services are not unlimited.  It only becomes an issue when we see customers using a "significant" percentage of their service on roaming networks instead of Sprint.  Roaming is becoming increasingly more and more costly for our company as the current roaming carriers perfer for Sprint to NOT use their networks.   

If you still use a majority of your texting or overall service on the Sprint network, it shouldn't be a problem.  If you're unsure and would like for me to take a look, you can private message by clicking on my avatar.  I will need your name and Sprint phone number. 


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