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Tracking "Land Line Calls" on $69.99 plan. How?


Tracking "Land Line Calls" on $69.99 plan. How?

I'm on the $69.99 plan, downgraded from the $99 plan due to being in-between-gigs.  The plan's ok, but I don't like being charged for "LAND LINE CALLS, yet not be able to find out  which calls are land lines, and which calls aren't.  I was told by the rep that I'd be able to keep track of calls, which is what the on-line log does - Meaning it lets me know how many of the 450 minutes I've used are land line calls, but it won't tell me which numbers are land line numbers.... Must I ask everyone I speak to if they're calling me or if I'm calling them from a land line?


Re: Tracking "Land Line Calls" on $69.99 plan. How?

You will need to find out yourself because no, the Sprint Web site does not tell you which number is a land line or belongs to a cell phone.  It only tells you the rate type (AU - Anytime/Plan Usage, LD - Long Distance Charges, NW - Night and Weekends) by number.  So if you must know, you either ask or use this tool to find out if a number is a land line or cell phone number:

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