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Unauthorized Changes to Account


Unauthorized Changes to Account

I have been a Sprint customer for more years than I can remember; however, I will be going into the store on Saturday to cancel my account and dispute any ETF that they may try to hit me with.  In the past year, my daughter has gone in once and upgraded her phone (which extended my contract) and recently, she purchased a phone from a friend and went into the store to activate it.  This caused a necessary plan upgrade (and additional fees) to be added to my account.  Now, my husband pays the bills.  If he calles to ask a question, a rep will not talk to him because I am the account holder and his name isn't on the account.  However, if my child goes into the store, they let changes be made without my knowledge, signature, or even a phone call asking for permission.

Do I have any recourse?  At this point, I feel like the store will allow fraud in order to make a buck, and I want out of what is left of my contract!  Any advise?



Unauthorized Changes to Account


     I am sending you a PM, please check your inbox.

Thank you,



Unauthorized Changes to Account

I hear ya.  Looks Like sprint is making more Unauthorized Changes to our Plans and or services without our authorization.  Changing our Unlimited data plans without our authorization.

Below is the message I have but have no email confirming any kind of authorization to change my plan.  Be cautious with sprint. cant trust them anymore.

Your plan and/or services have changed.

Account : #######

You should have an email confirming recent  changes you made to your plan and/or services. If you didn't authorize  this change, please contact us immediately by dialing *2 on your Sprint  or Nextel phone.

For your protection, you will be asked for your account PIN or security answer whenever you contact us.

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