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Unauthorized change to my service plan


Unauthorized change to my service plan

I just saw this message in mySprint and searched through all my emails about this service/plan change that was assumed authorized by me and found nothing.  I dont even know what this plan change entitles. I tried contacting sprint but they couldn't give me a clear answer on this.

I have not authorized any change to my plan or services. What is up with this?

Is sprint making changes to my contract without my knowledge? isn't this kind of action a breach of contract?

Should'nt I have been contacted first before making any changes to my plan?
What action is sprint going to take to address this unauthorized plan/service change?

Your plan and/or services have changed.


Account : ######397

You should have an email confirming recent  changes you made to your plan and/or services. If you didn't authorize  this change, please contact us immediately by dialing *2 on your Sprint  or Nextel phone.

For your protection, you will be asked for your account PIN or security answer whenever you contact us.


Any chance you logged into your sprint account, played with the available plans, and ended up selecting the same plan you already have? In that case, you would still get the notification. If you contacted Sprint and they confirmed your current plan, I would say you're good. But if your'e concerned, put this in writing, make it clear that you do NOT want to change your plan, and send a copy of the signed letter to Sprint. That way, if there is a surprise charge on your next bill, you will be able to dispute it.


That is a good idea. I will take screen captures and document my case just incase something fishy arises. 

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