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Upset with Credit Policy - May need to terminate account


Upset with Credit Policy - May need to terminate account


First, let me say I have been impressed with Sprint service for the 9 years that I have been a customer. However, I was dissapointed today that I would need to pay a $250 deposit to combine my account with my girlfriends account. She is a current sprint customer and we thought it made more sense to be on the same plan. I understand the $250 deposit is required because of additional credit risk associated with adding a line but I do not think this situation adds any extra risk. Also, my bill is on auto pay each month and I have an above average credit score. My girlfiend has an excellent credit score.

Has anyone had success in getting around this deposit fee? Unfortunately, I will terminate both our accounts if this matter is not resolved. I can easily be approved for 2 lines at AT&T and Verizon. The early termination fee for both our accounts is actually worth less than this huge $250 deposit.

Any help is appreciated.


Upset with Credit Policy - May need to terminate account

I can totally understand your frustration. While I can't say that I've had that particular issue, I would suggest calling a different customer service rep and see what they can offer you. Plus, if you announce that you're cancelling your account(s), you'll get bumped up to a higher department that is authorized to offer you deals that the regular customer service reps are not. Sprint is highly motivated to not lose any more business due to unhappy customers.


Upset with Credit Policy - May need to terminate account

Deposits, spending limits and max number of lines a customer can have on an account are all driven by their credit history and the "credit class" that gets assigned to an account.  You can try to get an upgrade to get you bumped up to a better credit class that doesn't require you, as the account owner, to pay a deposit for additional subs but it's ultimately a decision made by the Finance Department.  You may use the following arguments:

  • Account has a minimum of 18 months of service.
  • Account is not past due.
  • Account has a positive pay history over the previous 12 months (no account hotlines, no account suspensions, and no more than 3 collection entries).
  • Last credit class upgrade occurred at least 9 months ago.

If your girlfriend has an excellent credit history, you may want to consider moving your line to her account assuming that she won't have to pay a deposit for you.  Just be aware of and ask about potential impacts if you happen to be a Premier customer because phone upgrade benefits are for the primary line and moving your line to a different account would make it a secondary line.

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