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Wendy's Employee 18% Discount Help


Wendy's Employee 18% Discount Help

I am a Wendy's employee, and saw a poster in my work's break room with a code on it, for 18% off all individual regular priced plans. I am not sure how to make this discount activated. I'm about to have a baby boy in April, and so any saving would be fantastic right now. If anybody can help me out with this is would be greatly appreciated, thank you!


Re: Wendy's Employee 18% Discount Help

Yes, Sprint customers may receive a discount depending on their employer's agreement with Sprint. You can initiate the process at or call 1-888-798-1005.

Here's some additional information about the program that you should be aware of:

  • If any subscriber on the account qualifies for the employee discount, the discount is set at the account level and all qualifying phone numbers on the account receive the discount.
  • The discounts are not back-dated to the date the customer requested the discount to be applied to the account.
  • The discount goes into effect after the first full bill cycle after an account is added to the discount structure.
  • Before receiving an employee discount, all existing consumer customers must agree to a new 2-year service agreement on all qualifying lines of service on discountable plans.  Note that not all plans and add-ons are eligible for a discount, including but not limited to:
    • Simply Everything with unlimited voice service
    • Everything Business with unlimited voice service
    • Everything Plus individual and shared plans
    • SERO Premium plans
    • Sprint Basic 200
    • Plans for Mobile Broadband/Data Cards
    • Add-on services with a monthly recurring charge of $29.99 or less (examples include but not limited to: Messaging Add-ons, Data Packs, Data Premier, $10 Premium Data add-on for 4G and non-4G smartphones)
  • Exceptions when the new 2-year Service Agreement (SA) extension is not required:
    • Customer requests employee discount within the first 90 days of activating a line of service or renewing their SA on a line on their account. No other line on the account requires an SA extension.
    • If customer is on a rate plan that does not qualify for the discount, such as Simply Everything and Basic 200, do not require the SA extension (effective 09/08/10).
    • Subscriptions on a shared plan that rank 3+ do not require the SA extension since they do not qualify for the discount (effective 08/27/10).

Feel free to search the Community for more information about these discounts, e.g., see the post at

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