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Why are is there a "Premium Data" Charge?


Why are is there a "Premium Data" Charge?

Why are all smart phones considers Premium Data?

Because it's just another way that Sprint takes your Premium Dollars!

I had a fairly long discussion with one of the chat represenatives today discussing this ridiculous charge.  They could not give me a straight answer on this topic.  They just continued to ask me if I wanted to upgraded my phone. Some of the questions I asked were "Why not just have a 5gb cap on the data plan and have an option to upgrade like?"  Why is Sprint forcing us to pay an extra $10, when some folks do not use much net on their phones?

Q: Will Sprint ever get rid of this ridiculous fee to use a service that we already pay for?  Why should we pay to use a service that we already pay for with a phone that was made for it?

If Sprint advertises their data plans are unlimited, but charges you an extra $10 fee to get a smart phone to use the "unlimited" data.  Then what is the point of getting unlimited data or getting data at all?  Basic phone users rarely use internet, that's exactly why they have a basic phone.  If I had a basic phone, I'd just get a plan with just texting and the phone!  Why would you want to use the net with a small dinky screen and a machine that is stupid slow?  We don't!  Yes, us smart phone users do use 10x or even more than basic phone users because basic phone users don't use the internet at all!  You cannot use the internet efficiently with a basic phone! 

Q:  How many basic phone user has a data plan?

So what is the difference if price if I use 4g or 3g now... Nothing!  So all you new users out there!  I would suggest to get a 4g phone, because it's the same price for service as a 3g phone...

Q:  If you had an option now, would you get a 4g device or a 3g device since service now cost to the same for both?

A 5 year loyal consumer of Sprint...

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Why are is there a "Premium Data" Charge?

Five years and never once even enjoy the time on the forum?  Five years?!  That is your first post.  If you would actually use the forum, read all these posts, then you would not be calling Sprint and dealing with the Reps trying to make their monthly commissions. 

The price plans/packages was basically there before the explosive smartphone growth.  Yes, the $10 monthly for Premium Data is late for Sprint, because smartphones have been around for quite some time.  Oh, maybe it is because Sprint are now just starting to have explosive smartphone growth and usage (due to finally having awesome smartphone selections). 

Okay, since you did not even read one post on the forum, I will try to explain this to you as much and clearly as I can.  Smartphone uses more data than feature and regular phones.  4G is only part of it, but not the sole service for the charge.  If you take a look at the growing amount of Apps on the Android Market, you will see that more and more people are downloading and using Apps that will almost always be connected to the Internet (3G or 4G).  That uses Data.  Since smartphones have been becoming more and more advanced, more and more people are using them as mini-computer and that involves surfing on the Internet, streaming videos, etc.  With the use of 4G, it only encourages people to do more, because its faster, and that uses more Data.

Do you understand why there is a $10 Premium Data extra monthly charge?  I hope you do.  Sprint are not forcing anyone, actually, because it is the customers' decision to want a smartphone that will use more Data.  All the regular plans/packages are mainly for the feature and regular phones and if the customers want the smartphones, then they pay $10 extra per device per month.

If you do not use much Internet on your phone, then why do you want a smartphone? 

I do agree on the part where Sprint is using the term, Unlimited, because that is just wrong and misleading.  Nothing in the world is Unlimited.  Sprint is only using that term as a marketing gimmick to attract new and unsuspecting customers.  Be smart, DISV1ET, ignore that Unlimited word.

Think before you post. 🙂

Sometime in the near-future, maybe this year or the next, Sprint will have to entirely change their plans/packages to make all of this less confusing. 


Why are is there a "Premium Data" Charge?

I did read a couple of the threads before posting.  Everyone has an opinion right?  I remember something around the sprint community site saying Speak Freely.  And I'm speaking freely.

The reason why I'm complaining is that I currently own a smartphone and I  want to upgrade... But with an upgrade to my device, comes a $10  monthly charge.  I've always been a data user, with a smartphone. They should only make this charge to people with regular phones that upgrade to a smartphone.

5 years with Sprint with a data plan and a smartphone...  And now we have to pay this ridiculous fee because everyone is hopping on the the smartphone boat?


Why are is there a "Premium Data" Charge?

I know how you feel.  Sprint is still cheaper than other carriers.  How much Data do you think that you are using?

What I'd like to see for Sprint to do is... By default put everyone on the $10 Premium Data for 6 months.  Have a limit such as 5GB monthly (not a cap limit, but a guide...or whatever the word).  After 6 months, customers should be able to contact Sprint to have the Premium Data option removed.  The Rep can only override the option to remove only if the system show that the customer has been under the 5GB limit each of those months.  That sounds fair, eh?  Then if a customer goes over 5GB twice within the 12 months (or current year), then the system should automatically add the $10 monthly Premium Data back onto the account for 6 or 12 months (kind of like a 2nd offense) before being qualified for another override removal.

With that solution, that should make everyone happy, even for Sprint, because it encourages the customers to watch their usage and not be a Data Hog.

What do you think, DISV1ET?

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