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Will the horrible, lying, identity stealing workers ever be exposed?!


Will the horrible, lying, identity stealing workers ever be exposed?!

I've lost all hope. Originally I just needed a new phone immediately due to an unexpected battery shortage. I call sprint customer care, after seeing an online deal for $50 unlimited freedom, and another offer for a free iPhone when leasing a iPhone 7. I called in to know my rates, I had been speaking to a very short tempered man who insisted on signing me up quickly to a plan. I wasn't that ready to jump into one as I had numerous questions to ask. I'm very familiar with companies always throwing in extra hidden charges etc so I was prepared with my specifically worded questions to make sure I knew what I was getting into. I could tell the representative wasn't happy with how I kept going into detail with charges but at the same time I should not feel ashamed for getting into detail. After cutting him some slack I just put our focus on all the hidden details for the iPhone 7 promotion thankfully all the questions helped me see the true prices which instead of $100 plan for two lines it would estimated some payment of $500 with fees, lines, taxes down payments. I decided it would be best to go into the store. I go into the store they see that the man I was talking to had already opened an account that just needed to be finalized. He said he can update it with great promotions we're doing. I would be a fool to not open lines 3-5 because there free with your lines 1-2.(lie) I asked for details about taxes, devices, etc. he says i won't have any trouble with these lines that for the entire time I have my service they will be absolutely free and come with free phones, I could give the lines the family and friends and they can switch any of their devices to the lines. (Another lie) I decide to get the iPhone 7, I put a $80 down pay to lessen the monthly charges to less than $20, paid taxes and paid the activation when I was told on the phone it's free activation if I buy the $13 insurance which I still paid for on top. They said not to worry there won't be any hidden fees except mandatory state taxes and I asked again does sprint have any of its own? They said no not to worry. But my plan will be $65 for the first line, but second is only $45 which just adds another $10 making my unlimited plan $110/month and all four lines are gunna be perfectly running with high speed internet. But now I have to pay taxes on the iPhone se, a small down payment, activation and insurance again, and taxes for lines 3 and 4. I said as long as I can get everything down in physically writing or a physical copy to guarantee I'm okay, ( I was already writing most of what I could down) I ended up paying about $350 and that's without my first months bill, I got an estimate around $127 they told me whenever I get a hold of my family's account number for Cricket I can switch the phones over. They couldn't tell me the day of my bill but said I can come in any time this month for any help. They had me sigh an electronic device where I read carefully and asked questions about and kept hearing "not to worry" that it doesn't apply to me or something gets refunded etc. I go over all my questions again so I can remember specifically what will be going on. They tell me I have to come back for the other two phones because there out. I remembering hearing 30 days and the rest of this month a lot, but never the 14 days grace period until it was online. In the end, when I demanded some physical form of proof of this transaction since I was paying cash I was told it was just gunna have to be emailed which I didn't receive. Few days later I get a call from customer service asking if I wanted to finalize my account from the last phone Conversation and I had updated the lady to let her know I finished everything in store but that I have been already having trouble with my new iPhone and she told me no problem I can just go into the store and they will swap it out . I make time off work and I go into the store and they said I have to go to Apple and they are unable to swap out anything regarding iPhones. The vibe the workers gave me this time was not as welcoming as when I came for a plan. They said unless one of the problems for the phone happens while the employees look into it there's no use. I was getting ready to stop my service to begin with, I told them I have the information now to transfer over the lines to my families phone numbers. They said unless it's a very reset iPhone they can't hook up an iPhone to the lines which they never said, they told me ANY. My whole family uses iPhones and if I had no I would of instantly not gotten those lines. Regardless of that I asked them to open my account and look at my profile, I ask this each time to avoid random charges. The guy who originally sold me my plan told me that there was something wrong with my account and I was being charge for the iPhone SE instead of the seven, I got a little nervous because I wanted to make sure all my promotions were stable. Says he doesn't know what to tell me and it something with customer service the only thing he could do is if I gave him permission he would help me with customer service. Using my personal information the employee pretended to be my brother to their own company, which was very strange but I had no idea what was happening and only they had the information. After the phone call and it he said that I will be only getting charge for the iPhone SE and the seven looks to be free but that I would need to check in with that because it could change, he couldn't tell me when or how much I'll be getting charged but during the last week I can come in again. How does a business just leave a consumer to wonder all the time? I had to talk my way into getting estimates, which was still far off what I was charged. I get the phones for the other lines, called customer service asking questions, I make an online account and things just started going more downhill. My first month bill being over $300 is strange and all the hidden taxes and fees I asked about were listed, I was told sprint doesn't have there own charges. But again "surcharges" that are specifically separate from state tax and charged from Sprint only ARE hidden sprint fees which I was specifically told that there won't be any. Also I got more activation fees for the other lines?? I keep getting Told the customer service is different from in-store so I decide to go back in store ready to quit during my 14 day grace period Just to be safe. Each time I go in just for help, very patient and understanding the feedback from them gets worse. This time the one worker refuse to even open my account and help me he said everything I need has to be taken up with customer service he can't do anything to help me and at that point stopped listening to what I was saying until I got the hint to leave. Feeling so pushed out and stressed I just want to end all this and get the truth. After I left shortly after Sprint shut off my service, it hadn't been a month and my first bill was $1000. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN "I'm filing a complaint with the BBB, the FCC and my State Attorney General for all the lies, cover ups, and running me around so I have to keep paying each month" this is the first review I saw before posting this and it couldn't be more right. My personal bank information I gave for autopay was never even added in. Where did my private information go? Why do I also have a $7 charge for a $300 spending limit. This is just some of the charges. Long story short I call customer service talking to them for an hour deducting all these extra fees that make no sense I try to get a good look at my plan because my plan keeps changing I'm not sure why a plan would need to change. I would assume you get what you sign up for. I didn't get what I signed up for, luckily the lady said she put notes on my account she doesn't really want to lose me as a customer. She fixed my plan I only have to pay 160 a month I don't have all those extra fees on lines 3 and 4, All the charges are gone. If I had really wanted to cancel service I can take those phones back to the store since I have been trying to return it. I really make sure she knows what she is saying because I explained I know the store is separate from the toll number but I need some type of communication displayed to them that they know this happened. I told them I'm going to contact corporate office to ensure I get a refund and can return everything no hassle. ( it still has not been a month) . I decide this time I'm not gonna waste my time I'm just gonna call the sprint store. The manager who answered that was there when I was signing up, was the rudest it got. He told me no matter what I can't return the devices to them that I must've not been talking to someone of authority on the toll number. I explain my situation with the workers not letting me return it multiple times, and he would just be so sarcastic back. He was more pushing towards getting me to stop wasting his time and to accept the fact he can't help me than to approach the lies and unprofessionalism of his employees. I could go on about all the nasty comments he made to me but I've already had to go through the physical headaches it gave me. I got off the phone shaking so upset, crying that I'm locked into this stupid agreement that has only gotten more and more falsified. This is my personal information, not only have the workers shown no security in holding this information, but having a business practice that only exercising scamming and ripping me off is not right. Ever since the first few days I want to return the phones cancel anything and just have it as if it never happened. But during the 14 days there was too many problems returning the devices not its pass the 14 days and each day I am still wasting my time struggling to get someone to just take my **bleep** devices away! I DONT WANT SERVICE I DONT WANT THE PHONES I DONT WANT MY PERSONAL INFO FLOATING AROUND PLEASE JUST GIVE ME MY $350. The worst part is it hasn't been 30 days and I had my service shut off a while ago after I refused to pay the $1000 that came out of no where.
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Re: Will the horrible, lying, identity stealing workers ever be exposed?!

Hi Rachelxoxobeee, this is definitely not the experience we want you to have as a customer. We would love the opportunity to address your concerns, provide you with assistance and earn back your trust. Please reply to the private message I sent you so that we can chat further.



Sprint Social Care Team.

Sprint Social Care Team.
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