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Wrong plan


Wrong plan

I am a bit confused.  I do not like to complain about things and I do not appreciate being put in the position that I need to in order to receive good service from a company.  I have been calling Sprint periodocally and asking if they had a better plan for me.  This is the first cell phone I have had and I did not know the correct termonology in asking, however, I do believe I was clear enough when I asked if there was a better plan for the money that would fit our needs.  I was previously paying over 170.00 each month for three phones.  Every couple of months I would call and within the  conversation I would always ask if there was a less expensive plan.  I teach school and others at school would tell me this was very high and I was waiting for this plan to run out so I could switch to another company.  Then a friend was over at the house and happened to be experienced with the cell phone stuff and told me a plan that would save me at least $40.00 each month.  He helped me get on the computer and change my plan.  Then I got my bill and started thinking about asking the "customer service representative" for a better plan (cost less).  The friend told me about his experience in knowing people that work in customer service with other companies and how it is their responsibility to inform customers of the best plan for them.  I noticed a couple of charges on my bill as well totalling $19.98.  So I called Sprint again.  Without a problem they took off the two charges and put a block on my phone so I  would not be charged again.  (Now I am wondering how many times I have had those charges on my phone or other unauthorized charges).  He also kept telling me he had talked to his supervisor and since the representatives that talked to me previously did not document my request for a better plan (he just said it was not logged in) there was nothing they could do about over a years worth of charges.  He then told me that would be arount $1000 and that was too much money.  The more I think about it the more I know that is too much money for me to absorb.  I finally asked to speak to the supervisor who told me they could only reimburse up to 2 months charges.  I told him fine since I was trying to take a child to the doctor and I had already been on the phone over 1 hour (?) or around that.  Yes I told him that was fine but now I am realizing that it is not fine.  Why should I have to absorb the cost of their mistake.  It was just extra money in their pocket because their service representative did not choose to inform me as they should have when I asked.  The supervisor also told me it is my responsibility to go on line to get this information.  Then perhaps the representative should have told me that and how each time I called in the past (over a year).  Overall we have been very happy with Sprint, however, this does not work very well for me.  I feel like someone has cheated me out of about $1000 at a time I cannot afford it.  Basically I feel like someone has stolen from me.  I think I will be looking for another carrier in February when my contract expires.  It basically irritates me that I would have to continue to stay with them until then.  Does anyone else have any suggestions of my best options?


Re: Wrong plan

What plan are you on and what charges are you referring to.? Also what phone do you have because that might affect the plan you have , especially if you have a smart phone.

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