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 Question  I am curious what is going to happen to us $20/mo extra Premium with HD streaming customers: What happens to this fee now that this same level of performance is included in the basic Unlimited Freedom plan?  Answer As of 2/23/17, customers who previously opted for the $20 Premium HD streaming add-on to the Unlimited Freedom plan were automatically moved over to the free add-on.
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Question     I have a Legacy ED Share 1500 plan (since 2010) that currently has the full 5 people on it. Three of us are on 2-year contracts that expire in 3-11 months, one has a recently-expired contract, and one has a Galaxy S7 on the Forever lease program that just hit 12 months; this person also gets the $10/month loyalty service credit.   Here are my questions:   If I'm leasing my phone and opt to trade it in to get a new device, will I lose the $10/month credit I currently receive? If I opt not to do the early upgrade, does the $10/discount remain for the full 24 months? Now that Sprint has done away with 2-year contract discounts, will Legacy plans  receive the $10/month credits per line in perpetuity (for the foreseeable future, anyways, and assuming they are upgrading at least every 24 months)?   Answer   1)  If you stay on the ED1500 and you do another lease upgrade, you can keep the $10/mo credit.  If you change plans, you'll lose the lease. 2) If you opt not to upgrade but stay on the ED1500 plan, you will keep that $10/credit for the duration of the lease term, 3) We can't ever say "in perpetuity" because options and discount programs change.  For the time being, Legacy plans will receive a Loyalty Lease credit for those lines on leases.    
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