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Framily Service Charge Saga of Unacceptable


Framily Service Charge Saga of Unacceptable

     Having exhausted the options of Web Chat, Customer Care call, and a face-to-face with a Sprint Store employee, to no avail, here's a last-ditch attempt at getting some resolution to something that shouldn't have happened in the first place.

     So on June 22, I added a line and switched to Framily. Seemed straight-forward enough, and the deals were great for the date we picked to add to the plan. Double-checked with the Framily promotion site about current Sprint customer eligibility with that neat little Q&A feature, and even the FAQ page and it's stellar answer regarding existing lines of service.

  • For a limited time, Sprint will not assess the Framily Service Charge for customers who purchased a discounted phone prior to 1/10/2014 and are not upgrade eligible.

The existing line of service, with a discounted phone, was started on or around November 25, 2013, so prior to 1/10/2014. Seems easy enough, right?      Oh, how wrong I was. The first bill comes, and it's got a pro-rated Framily Service Charge of 50 cents for June, and $15 Framily Service Charge for July. That can't be right, I tell myself, so I get on a Web Chat to try to get everything straightened out. Lily C. tells me after an extended period of time that she unterstands that "you have charged for the Framily plan which is you are not supposed to have, correct?" (sic) Sentence structure notwithstanding, I agree that that is correct, that there is a charge for my Framily plan which should not be there ,since I switched to the plan as a current customer, with a discounted phone purchased prior to 1.10.14, and the $15 was to be waived for customers such as myself. Over the next seemingly 20 minutes or so I recieved no fewer than 11 variances of "Thanks for waiting", "I'm checking your bill", "Thank you for waiting", "I'm double checking your account".

     Finally, after all of those, Lily C. tells me "I double checked your account and found out that the Charge of $15 is already removed." I say it doesn't show up as such anywhere on my end, and ask if there is a reason for it, or if it is reflected somewhere I've not yet seen. Lilly says it was actually removed on June 21 - that can't be right. It showed up on my bill dated June 25, I tell her, and it's included in the total amount due, so that can't be correct that it was removed, and that in turn makes me unsure of its status. "I see," she says, "Don't worry be confident that it was already removed on your account. It doesn't anymore show on your account." (sic). "You may still see it but on your next bill you won't be able to see it." She goes on t otell me that a note has been added to my account to capture the details of our conversation for reference for others when they access my account. "Enjoy the rest of the day Kaylene. You take good care." Uhm, not my name, so red flags go up, seeing as I spent what seemed like an eternity for a solution, and my name wasn't even correct, so then I wondered what account was even being looked at. No matter, I'd wait and see if it came off of my account, not a big deal, and it should be worth the wait.

     What a wait! Fast-forward to July 14, and I find myself in the Sprint Store at Town Center Plaza in Leawood, KS, because the charge hasn't come off my account and I have no confirmation it was even addressed past my chat with Lily. The store wasn't busy by any means, plenty of people working, but yet I still had to wait over an hour or so for someone to help me with this billing issue. I understand there might be more that goes into a store's operations than what we see, but when we see more employees available than there are customers waiting, it looks bad. Especially at the Leawood store. When I was finally helped, I was directed to a station with my Sprint consultant, and when I told him about my issue, he seemed nonplussed at best, and proceeded to print off my bill, find the ever-present $15 charge, with no changes made to the account regarding its removal, and then underlining the charge, and deciding that we needed to call Customer Care - then at the last minute saying we should call from my phone. So I did, while he scrolled through Facebook on his phone and I was on hold, then speaking with Customer Care. Had I know it was going to be an hour spent waiting to just make a call I could have made from home, I would have done that, and he could have had more uninterrupted Facebook time, honestly. When I checked in at the store to get help with a billing issues, they could have told me to call Customer Care, and saved me that hour on my day off. But no matter, on to the Customer Care call, which is also of note.

     After a pretty reasonable amount of time on hold, I'm connected with an agent who I explain the situation to, and all the while, I'm not entirely convinced that she understands my issue until I've explained it a few different ways. Eventually she tells me that there's a note on my account, and that charge should come off, even though I didn't upgrade my plan and add the line in a store (what?), and repeatedly tells me not to stress about it. Seriously, repeatedly, in an almost condescending tone, tells me not to stress about it, it's nothing, don't stress! I'm sure the tone of my voice may have given away some annoyance, but I kept it pretty even tempered and mild mannered. Don't stress about a charge on my account that shouldn't be there? I couldn't believe she was seriously doing that. So, when I ask for a confirmation "Oh, it'll come off." No way for me to check or confirm, just wait and see. I ask for a timeline "It could be a couple hours or a few days". Awesome, I thank Customer Care and hang up, and ask the Retail Consultant if there's a way for him to see on his end that it was addressed. He takes his time to look up (still, seriously, on Facebook) and says that it wouldn't have updated yet, and there's no confirmation or anything, but that I should just go ahead and pay my bill for everything but the $15.50 Framily charge. Glossing over being told to not pay my bill in full, I tell him that it's on Auto-Pay, and scheduled to come out later in the week. Sheepishly, he shrugs, and essentially says "Well, that sucks. Check it in a couple of days."

     I checked my account a few hours later, and a few days later, and sure enough, that $15.50 was included in the charges when my bill auto-paid. Now, the new bill comes out tomorrow, and I'm so looking forward to seeing that charge on there. Again.

     This entire ordeal is totally unacceptable, from the charge on the account that the Sprint site CLEARLY states would be waived, to the incomprehensible customer service experiences in THREE different channels. I've always been an advocate for Sprint, it was my first provider as a teen, and my family and I have been exclusively Sprint customers for more time than I even know, and not just because we have multiple members who work in Overland Park - I miss being on a SWAC plan immensely, especially now, but growing up meant I got my own plan. We added my boyfriend to my plan because Sprint has been all I've ever known, and I've NEVER previously had a bad experience, despite the less than sparkling reputation of customer service.

TL;DR: There's a $15 charge on my account that needs to be removed. And credited for what I've already paid. Customer Care and service was horrendous when trying to correct this. Fix it. Please.


Re: Framily Service Charge Saga of Unacceptable

emmaw12, We're deeply sorry to hear of the billing issues that you've been experiencing. We appreciate your business and as one of our valued Sprint customers, we want you to be happy at all times. Let us help. So that we're able to further assist you, please (PM) private message us with your phone number, account name and pin. From there, we can review your bills to see what happened and provide assistance to resolve this. Keep us updated, we're very eager to assist you. - Brittany
Sprint Social Care

Re: Framily Service Charge Saga of Unacceptable

I got a reply from SprintCare after the requested PM, and it's entirely different from anything I've been told this far. I highly doubt my post was even read, because this goes completely against anything I was previously told, and able to find. So, the saga continues. Completely unacceptable. PLEASE try again to correct this.

Hello emmaw12,  By moving to the Framily plan, your line is subject to the $15 monthly per line service charge until your line is upgrade eligible, or after 12 consecutive months of billing on the $20 per month unlimited data plus annual upgrade buy-up, whichever comes first. At that point, the $15 monthly service charge will be removed from your line.  Thanks, Sharon Sprint Social Care


Re: Framily Service Charge Saga of Unacceptable


We are going to need to get into your account to take closer look at this. Please either send us a private message on!input.jspa?to=5191314 you can chat in with a rep at you can send us an email us at and of course you can always call us at 888-211-4727 or go into a service and repair center

- Clyde
Sprint Social Care
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