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10 year Sprint customer and was lied to about switching plans


10 year Sprint customer and was lied to about switching plans

We have been loyal sprint customers for almost 10 years even though the bill has always been pretty high. We were paying $275 a month for 3 lines and at the beginning of this year one of the sales reps talked us into switching plans. They broke it all down and told us that even if all 3 of us leased brand new iPhones we would be paying less than we were. We were paying $275 and if we all got new phones it would be about $245. Jump to now...the bill has been over $310 every month. I am so upset and disgusted that the loyalty we have shown this company means absolutely nothing to them. When I went back to the store to ask about this, the only thing they said was if we went ahead and got the new phones (iPhone 7 from the 6s) it would drop the bill down by $20. I am so done with Sprint. They completely lied to me about how much we would be paying. I made sure that when we switched they told me the price with taxes, surcharges, and any other charge that might be on there. I can’t believe they treat their customers like this and then act like they don’t care. We will be switching next month since we just paid a $350 bill for April. 

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Re: 10 year Sprint customer and was lied to about switching plans

I hear ya Mfisherreid1, and your loyalty to us does mean the world to us. That bill does seems to be too high for just 3 lines, even with leases. I'd like to take a deeper look into this for you. I sent you a PM to gather a smidge of info. 


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