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10+ year customer- Horrible Customer Service- I'm leaving


10+ year customer- Horrible Customer Service- I'm leaving

I have a 4 phone account and I can't believe how I have been jerked around by Sprint in this past year.  I have done nothing, but be reasonable in trying to keep my business with them.  But it is time to go!! 

In December or January, I was offered a new plan to stay with Sprint.  I accepted the offer by phone and was told my bill would reflect the change in the following month.  I agreed to lease a new phone at this time, because of the plan change.  The change to my plan never happened.  I called Customer Service, they said it would be resolved.  Never was.  I needed another new phone in April.  I called again and said I would not lease the new phone through sprint if the plan was not changed.  I dealt with the retention dept. and I was given and INTERACTION #  that was to verify that my plan would be changed.  So I agreed to enter the new lease.  PLAN NEVER CHANGED to the plan I was offered AGAIN!!!. So it is now Sept. and I have had numerous calls with different dept.  2 weeks ago I gave them the interaction # and they said they would go back and listen to my original phone call from the interaction # and get back to me.  They never got back to me.  So I called again.  This time they said they would open a case to send to the back office dept????  I said they had 24 hours to resolve or I would walk.  They never got back to me.  So I gave them a shot and called today.  They said my case hadn't even been looked at yet and could take up to 10 days!!!  Are you kidding me?  I don't know how they keep a customer, as I believe I have been way more lenient than most would be.  I am leaving And I will not be paying any of the early termination fees as I was never given the service that I was promised and have been overcharged for almost 9 month now.  I'm on hold with the retention dept. as I write this.....I may give them one last chance to keep me, but it will include my money refunded back to January and the new plan in writing, immediately changed.  Good luck Sprint customers.


Re: 10+ year customer- Horrible Customer Service- I'm leaving

Ohh and I have been on hold for going on 30 minutes now!!! Just to talk to a Supervisor.  Joke

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