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50% discount on new samsung 8+ not true


50% discount on new samsung 8+ not true

$214.00 is not 50% of $840.00. Where do you hire your gypsies? I am way better at math than that. I am paying over $600.00 for your 50% discounted $800.00 phone.

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Re: 50% discount on new samsung 8+ not true

Hello sweetpatite.

We can see how you are confused. Let's do the math together to see if we get to the same conclusion. The first thing we have to understand is that the 50% Off Samsung Galaxy S8 is for qualify customer. The offer is as follow:

Upgrade to a Samsung Galaxy S8 and get 50% off! Customers will receive a $15.65/mo service credit for 18 months bringing their monthly payment to $15.60/mo. The Galaxy S8 is also available in 24 month installment billing. The monthly charge for the Galaxy S8 is $31.25 x 24 = $750. If you receive a $15.65/mo service credit for 24 months you get $375.60 x 2 = $751.2.

Hope that we have cleared your doubts you may have. At Sprint, we stand behind our products promotions and our customers expectations.

Sprint Social Care
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