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I always hear about how horrible the Customer Service is, but had never experienced it, until today.  I had explained my situation to the agent Kyndra, and then asked if I had until midnight tonight to pay the remaining balance on my bill, (the new bill is due tomorrow), for I was waiting for my check to clear.  Her response to me was "No, payment is due immediately."  Which I am fully aware of.  Then I asked again about does that mean I have until midnight to make that payment?  I was told "Hopefully, you can make that payment today to avoid interruption in your service."  WHAT!!!  Kyndra then asked me if there was anything else I needed help with.  I replied, "no, can you just send me the survey."  Now, I know that the agent has to send the survey, she purposely did not, because she knew that she was not going to get a good review.  
While Sprint's phone service tends sucks more times than not, I am only with them, because the unlimited plan is better than what I have seen at other carriers.  After today, I would rather have a worse unlimited plan and better customer service.

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@melly8 First off, sorry for the delay in response to this. 


I've been through tough times in the past and I know it can be really frustrating.  Unfortunately, there does come a point when we're also out of options as a company and can't offer anymore extensions. I agree that this agent could have been more helpful and will be passing that feedback on so that we can take the opportunity to learn from the way it was handled.


I want to make you aware that agents don't, in fact, get a choice about whether or not a survey is sent, that's done randomly by the system. We don't survey every call, so you may not always get the chance to leave feedback that way. 


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