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Assurant iPhone locked to Sprint. Help!


Assurant iPhone locked to Sprint. Help!

Hi so here’s my situation,

I purchased my unlocked iPhone XS Max through the iPhone Upgrade Program with Apple. I also have Apple Care + Loss & Theft included with my plan. So about 2 weeks ago I lost my phone and filed a claim with Assurant, got approved and sent me a replacement phone. Everything goes well until I switched carriers this Saturday, come to find out the iPhone is locked through Sprint when it should have been unlocked. I contact Apple and they themselves say the phone is unlocked, but my phone clearly states that it is locked to another carrier (Sprint). I call Sprint and they agree to unlock the phone, today I wake up and they DENIED my request to unlock because my replacement device was not active for 50 days. First off, I’m financing this phone through Apple and my device is supposed to be unlocked . This phone was just using service with Sprint ONLY and they don’t own the device, I do. Please help me unlock my device, Apple can’t unlock it because they said that Sprint has unlock it themselves. I have been a loyal customer for more than 14 years and this is absolutely not acceptable. I am phoneless and I feel like Sprint is not approving my request because they are forcing me to stay with them. What do I do?!


I'll need to pull up your Sprint account. Send me a PM with your name, phone number and account PIN.

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