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Auto scrolling madness


Auto scrolling madness

I've just recently heard that downloading battery saving apps and catche cleaning apps are a bad idea, so I proceeded to delete them. When i went into my settings after my phone scrolls all the way to the bottom of the settings and will not scroll back up and when I try and get to my storage by manually typing it on it goes berserk which makes me think I have a virus that only attacks my settings (probably from trying to keep people from deleting something out of storage. But when I use the malware and virus scanning that sprint provides on their app it says I'm clean...I cannot find any threads about this please help!!

Re: Auto scrolling madness

Hi Mysterykiddo!

This is definitely an uncommon issue and there seems to be something affecting your device's software. We advise you to hard/master reset your device to have this cleared/fix. If issue persist after doing so, don't hesitate in reaching back to us. Remember to backup your data before doing so.


Michael C

Sprint Social Care

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