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BEWARE when leasing your phone from Sprint


BEWARE when leasing your phone from Sprint

If you lease you phone like the rest of us, BEWARE.  You better know the date when your lease expire to the day, and do not expect Sprint to email you or text you when your lease is over, because when your lease is over, Sprint will continue to bill you the same "lease" amount, but now you are considered "renting" it from Sprint, you will continue to pay the "renting" fee until the second coming of Christ, or when Hell freezes over, whichever comes last.  Not only this, once you are out of your lease period, according to several state laws you are NOT allowed to buy it back from Sprint.  I personally was cheated out of 2 iphone 8 Plus, and since I took interest in this subject, I found out that thousands others were also lost their phones and the common theme was they were never contacted by Sprint when their lease reached its maturity date.  Some lost their phones when they owed as little as $13.  This practice is unethical and fraudulent.  Just be aware of it before it is too late.  As for me, I jumped ship and moved to a different carrier after 20+ years of being a loyal customer.  What happened to me and to countless others is Sprint norm, not the exception.


 The new state laws do make it harder, and super confusing when it comes down to it. These laws effect every carrier that uses lease options for their devices. Unfortunately, there is nothing Sprint can do about the laws being put in place. You are notified on your bill about how many months are left on your lease, if you aren't able to get the text messages.  



That maybe rue, but I wonder who lobbied the state legislatures to pass a law that allows companies to "legally" rob you of your phone.  Most people who are on auto pay and electronic billing hardly ever look at their bill if the monthly amount is the same.  Sprint spends no efforts whatsoever to inform its users via email or text that their lease is about to expire, allowing it to expire and hence be able to legally rob them of their phones.  My predicament was not unique, hundreds, maybe even thousands of people like me lost their phones to Sprint because their lease expiration date has passed.  I asked Sprint to buy it back at the residual value that was agreed upon when I leased the phone but they refused, I ended up dropping Sprint and moving to another company like so many others did, and so many others will if Sprint continues it deceitful practice.  I was a 20+ year loyal customer and I never imagined I would be so happy to leave you for a more reputable carrier. Shame on you, shame on you, shame on you, ...

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