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Bait and Switch


Re: Bait and Switch

I'm hoping someone can help me as well.  I have a business account and was told and signed paperwork that I was on the $100 for 5 lines. (60 1st line, 40 2nd line and 3,4,5 free).  I have a sales rep (who started out helpful) and now won't answer calls or text. Every month my bill is almost 300.  He was telling me "only pay what I told you your bill is....$162.35"  Well that obviously leave a  balance.  Duh!  Well he was adjusting it every month, now nothing.  SO last month I paid $295!!!  This is outrageous!  I have a contract.  I contacted another rep....13 phone calls later and he's never returned my calls or emails.  When I called Sprint they said I'm on 65 1st phone 45 2nd phone and 35 each additional.  I didn't sign up for that.  I WOULD HAVE NEVER CHANGED FOR THAT.   He assured me "I'm here to help you" but he needs fired.  I have months worth of unanswered texts and phone calls.  I just want my bill correct.  I've overpaid since January.  I've been asked to file a police report by others for fraud since I have a contract not being honored, and am hold out for hope first.

Re: Bait and Switch

Hi Stephi. I'd be glad to take a look over this and see what's going on. At first glance it sounds like a promotional rate period has expired which is what is driving up the cost of your bill, but I'll need to get some additional info from you to be sure. I'll be sending you a PM shortly so I can get some more info. 


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