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Being lied to


Being lied to

Was told by the Sprint store employee the my total bill would be $144 a month and showed it to me on a written piece of paper exactly what my service would be . Then also promised me a "power tower" to increase my service at home. Two months now and I'm still fighting to get the tower to increase service that I don't get at my house and my phone bill is now $199 because of the add-ons that I didn't add on myself. Sprint just added them and started charging me more ! And with all the customer NO service people I spoke with at Sprint not one person cares or has done one thing about it. Verizon here we come !!

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Being lied to

I can take a look at your bill. At the store they do quote what it will be, but they can't give you the exact amount since they wouldn't know the taxes and fees. I am going to PM you for information.

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