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Bill Higher than Normal


Bill Higher than Normal

I've been content with my Sprint service up until this month and I'm really not sure what to do. Normally our phone bill is $222, but this month our bill increased drastically to $280. I've contacted customer service over the phone three times and via chat twice and I'm still unclear as to why the bill is so much higher. The agent I spoke with yesterday said that since the second line on my plan was activated on the 30th and that there is no 30th day in the month of February that they charged me twice for this month and that my bill will be cheaper next month. Why charge an advance payment for this month when you could literally just keep next months bill the same instead of lowering it? I've never heard anything like that before and I honestly feel ripped off. This isn't even the first billing issue I've had with Sprint. I would love if someone could clarify for me the actual reasoning behind the increase and possibly even make some adjustments to my bill because this is crazy. I am actively exploring other options for service providers and feel let down by Sprint overall. 

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Re: Bill Higher than Normal

I understand your frustration about the bill. When a new line is activated, you're currently in the bill cycle that was already paid for. You're charged for the remaining days left in the cycle. The next bill that posts will have that amount, plus the new month. 


I would like to review the bill to verify the dates you were charged for. I'll send you a private message to get your account information. 





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