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Billing mess


Billing mess

How do you get a supervisor that is over billing AND sales?  My bill is messed up big time. The poor girl at billing was great on the phone, but because of restrictions she can't see what the notes on the sales side are. I'm being charged for 2 plans at the same time, had a line added that I didn't want. Was misinformed. She tried to help but had to transfer me to sales, they don't speak very good English. He couldn't understand me and as a result of us trying to explain to him what was going on a fraud investigator has now called me!! I'm not paying this bill until this is resolved. If it's not resolved by bill time, I will find another carrier. This is ridiculous. I need someone to help.

Sprint Social Care

Re: Billing mess

Hello Lskipper02, allow us the opportunity to assist you. Please reply to my Private Message at your earliest convenience.

Sprint Social Care
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