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Cancelled phone now being threatened.


Cancelled phone now being threatened.

So, 3 MONTHS AGO I cancelled my phone with sprint. I went into the store and cancelled... well apparently this never happened. 


About 4 months ago I received a letter saying I only owed $256 on my iPhone and that I can pay it in full so my phone is mine and I owe it. So I paid the money and the phone is mine. A day or two later I cancelled my line so I could go with Verizon because sprint barely works anywhere I go... 


After that I never got any other sort of communication fro sprint other than junk mail. Two days ago I receive an email saying I owe sprint $700 by December 22nd or they have the right to take it out of any account that I have used to pay my previous bills with. 


I called and  they say I never cancelled my phone and that they kept sending me all these emails and all this mail for my phone back and my bill. I explain to them that I cancelled my phone 3 months ago and I know for a fact it was 3 months ago because I went on vacation at the same time. Today I get another email stating that I just paid $400 on an account I haven’t seen in over 3 months and that I still owe $700 and now it’s due on December 18th?!?!?! **bleep** sprint!! 


The customer service agent tells me I need to call another number that has my case file and all of this crap that I shouldn’t have because Ive paid my bill every month. 


This is the real kicker... I couldn’t use my iPhone that I PAID FOR at Verizon because sprint never unlocked it for another SIM card to work in it. So not only did I pay for my iPhone that’s supposed to be mine, I’m also paying for a new one because I can’t use the one I have.



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