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Cancer, Customer Service and Insurance on an invisible phone


Cancer, Customer Service and Insurance on an invisible phone

I have been on the phone hours trying to solve an issue with removing a 19.00 monthly charge for insurance on a phone that Sprint customer service says “we needed to have” at the time we transferred over our service.  My challenge has been that since I am undergoing breast cancer treatment I have been on hold with agents for great lengths of time, been promised that I would be called back and then not called...resulting in my needing to call back and tell the whole story over.   I really don’t want to play the cancer card but I am simply out of ideas/too exhausted to keep calling back.  I am wondering if there is a place to open up a ticket and then have someone follow up on that ticket so that I don’t have to waste my energy?  Any ideas?



2/2018:  We ported over four lines from our last phone carrier.  The offer at the time was for 5 lines so we  had one line that was an “extra”.  My husband purchased and then returned an iPhone X.  The 19.00 a month insurance continued to be charged.  At the time we interpreted our bill as a service change only to now realize that when the phone was returned the insurance fees continued and still continue to the present date.  


Last week I was on that chat three separate times, each time disconnected from the system in the middle of the chat.  


When I finally spoke with the customer service agent on the phone last week she insisted that it was impossible to have a phone line without a telephone attached to it.    I assured her that no one in our house has an iPhone X.   We would’ve probably caught that the  19.00 that we were paying was for  insurance and not a service fee had we been notified that at the time we initiated service.  I waited and waited on hold while she investigated to see if there was any identifying information about this invisible phone that sprint had connected to our account.   After 1.25 hours I had a doctors appointment and needed to hang up the phone.  She noted that she would call back...the next day I received a brief phone call that said that they could refund 19.00 (we have paid a total of 285 for insurance on the invisible phone) but no call back number, no description of what had happened or if this charge would be taken off moving forward.  I also was not told if we need to have a phone connected to this line as she instructed me at the onset of the call.


I am pleased to pay for service rendered, but I am concerned about business practices that would charge fees for services not delivered as is the case for insurance on an invisible phone.  


any ideas about a better way to discuss a refund request / cessation of future charges?




Re: Cancer, Customer Service and Insurance on an invisible phone

Hi G. I'd be glad to take a look at this for you as it all definitely sounds a bit odd. I'm going to end you a PM so that I can get some additional info from you in order to start digging into things. 


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