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Contact for Sprint Escalation Dept.


Contact for Sprint Escalation Dept.

Want contact number for escalation. Have recieved no communcation from Sprint despite multiple calls. Manager at Sprint store offered to forward our message March 6, no response. We have followed up with him mulitple times, no response.  


We have been customers since 2011, largely due to the good customer service. We are extremely dissapointed and are ready to leave Sprint as soon as possible. Unfortunately we would need to communicate with someone to do this and Sprint seems incapable.  


Worst customer service we have ever experienced. Shocking and so disappointing. 


Original message is copied below. We have now been dealing with this since December of 2016 with no responses from Sprint whatsoever. 


Last response was April 13 from Store Manager in Durham, NC after following up with him for the fourth time:

"Got it, I just sent another email to the District Manager for Mobile Now and the Sprint Independent Account Executive. Let me know by the end of the day 5:30 pm if you have not heard anything."


Unsurprising at this point, we did not hear anything. 



Original Message sent to Sprint Rep. on March 6, 2017. After mulitple calls and promises from Sprint Reps on phone with zero results. 


We've had three different conversations with Sprint representatives who said they would follow up and never did, so we're very grateful for your attention to this issue.
Back in November we decided to change our phone plan because we realized we were paying for unlimited data and were using only a very small amount. We did this in an effort to reduce our bill. We went to a Sprint kiosk in Durham's Southpoint mall, where we spent a long time talking to an employee and doing back-of-the-envelope calculations to determine which plan would be right for us given the amount of data we use, and that would reduce our monthly bill. We also decided to upgrade our phones to iPhone 7s. The employee added a wi-fi hotspot device to our order, which she told us was free. We didn't even know what it was or what it did, but took it because we were told it was free. It wasn't even presented as an optional add-on; the idea communicated was Because you signed up for this plan or are getting these phones [it wasn't really clear which] you get this mobile wi-fi hotspot device. We had no plans to use it, and in fact still have not used it to this day, nor have we taken it out of the box. 
When our December bill came, it was still a high bill, but I assumed it was the last bill representing our old plan. When our January bill came, it was *higher* than our old bill, which was quite a surprise. That's when I realized that we were being charged for the wi-fi hotspot device AND for a usage plan for the device. Again, we have never used the device and have never taken it out of the box.
Upon this discovery, I began an online chat session with a Sprint representative who promised that she would escalate the issue and that I would receive an email within 24-48 hours. Nobody followed up with me.
Then I called Sprint and spoke with another representative, who connected me with her supervisor. He told me he would get in touch with the Sprint store and get back in touch with me in 24-48 hours. Again, nobody followed up.
I called back and spoke with another representative, who told me I could return the device and dispute the charges. She told me she was sending a package I could use to return the device, which I should receive in 5-7 business days. That was two weeks ago and I have not received the package.
This is not the kind of customer service we're used to getting from Sprint. In fact, Sprint's positive customer service record was a primary factor in our decision to switch to Sprint more than five years ago. At this point we're incredibly frustrated by this experience and feel like we've been deceived not once, but four times: first by the employee who told us we were getting a free device that turned out to come with a significant monthly cost, and then by each of the three representatives who promised to help resolve this issue but failed to follow through.
I hope you can understand why we're frustrated; we didn't want the device, haven't used it, didn't realize we were paying for it, and now can't get rid of it.
We would like to return the device and we would like our account to be credited for every charge associated with the device. We would also like someone to address the question of why, as loyal Sprint customers, we've been treated so poorly.
Again, thank you for your help with this. We really appreciate it.
Emily & Aaron
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