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Customer Service Complaint


Customer Service Complaint

Today me and my brother moved our sprint numbers to my parents sprint plan. The account we used to have was closed. I was told by the store representative that I had to call *2 and confirm with them that the account was closed. I did just that, and it was the most horrific 30 minutes I've ever had on the phone. First there was an issue finding the account I was currently on, I admit that was my mother's fault for refusing to give me the requested information. Then the woman on the phone asked what I needed help with. I told her that the store rep told me I had to call and confirm the cancelation of my previous account. The woman on the phone was confused and started asking me things about opening an account, then it moved on to adding the number already on my parents account to their account, which she kept saying was already done. I kept trying to tell her that was not why I was calling. I kept saying "the store rep told me I had to call and confirm the cancelation of my previous account". Every time she would ask a question that wasn't about the old account, I would repeat. Finally she found my old account, after 25 minutes of me trying to get the one point across. She confirmed TO ME that the account was closed, and that I can't move my number to it. I immediately broke down. I reiterated that I was TOLD TO CALL AND CONFIRM THE CANCELATION OF THAT ACCOUNT. I asked her if I needed to do anything, and she responded that I can't move the number to that account. I again asked if I needed to do anything TO CONFIRM THE CANCELATION OF THE ACCOUNT THAT I WAS TOLD I HAD TO DO. The woman on the phone just said "I Don't understand." I told her I was done, she then started talking about My parents account. I waited for her to make a note that she tried to sell me the stuff about an account I am not the holder of, then she said good bye.  30 minutes. And I still don't know if there was something I was supposed to do. I, at this point, cannot keep dealing with the garbage customer service I've always dealt with. I've been lied to, to the point where it costed me over $600 because when I upgraded a phone once, the rep said I had to change plans, and when I asked if both numbers on the plan were unlimited, he said yes, but it turned out that my number was not, and as it was the only source of internet where I lived, I racked up to two (actually three, but I was able to get the last one removed) gigantic bills. When I called customer service about that, they again, acted like they didn't understand why I was calling. That was a 45 minute call. I thought that would be a one off, but every time I would go to a store, I would get awful service, and again with this. The store rep I had told me 3 different numbers for what I owed on my phone. It started at "four months left, or like over $200", then when I said I pay less than $26 a month, and that 26 x 4 is not "over $200" the store rep said it was actually like $150 that I owed and that I had to turn my phone in, which I said wasn't the point. My lease was ended and I was paying monthly to own the phone. She said I still had to turn the phone in. I said, don't worry about my number then, just move the other one." I walk away so my dad and brother can do what needs to be done. Then I get called over saying that it was actually only $95 to pay off my phone. That's an over $100 difference from where we started. I don't understand why Sprint insists on putting its customers through hell just to do anything. I've have been with sprint since 2010, and this is my last month. Next month I will be moving to a new carrier. Sprint has nothing to offer me, and has never offered me anything any time I have had an issue. They just ignore the situation and move on. ANYWHERE else that you have an issue, you will get something for whatever you had to deal with, but Sprint only gives you more stress, and more confusion. 

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Customer Service Complaint

Howdy Camvs. I'm sorry to hear that the last rep you spoke with made a simple check so painful. I'd like to file an agent feed back on this rep, and answer any questions you may have regarding your old account. 


I sent you a PM so I can gather a smidge of info. 


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