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Customer Service is awful


Customer Service is awful

16+ year customer here...


Someone in another state fraudulently ordered two phones with two additional lines of service on 11/26. I received the confirmation email and called immediately to report them, customer service transferred me to the fraud department and after holding for an hour they were able to prevent the order from happening and all was well....


Until the next day when they did it again, so once again I called when I got the confirmation email and was told by the rep that the order had already been approved but they'd "notify the warehouse to shop the shipment". This rep then connected me to the fraud department to "resecure" my account. After holding for an hour I was connected to a rep who reset my account and assured me the fraudulent activity had been caught in time and there would be no charges to my account.


The next day a $1200 charge appeared on my account, so I called again and was informed the charges were in the process of being reversed by the fraud team and no further action was needed by me, the credits would be reflected on my account by 12/14 (and they advised me since my billing cycle ran until the 24th there would be plenty of time to resolve this on their end).


Roughly a week later the fraud department called me and discussed what had happened, how my account had been breached and to reassure me the issue was being resolved. They also verified that my account had been reset by the previous fraud rep.


After the 14th I accessed my account to find the hardware charges had been reversed but I was now being charged an additional $93 for the service lines with this fraudulent activity.


So on 12/15 once AGAIN I called in to find out what was going on and was advised there was a pending credit on my account from the fraud team that would be reflected on my account "shortly" and well before my due date on the 24th.


On the 23rd I accessed my account and sure enough the charge was still there so I started a chat hoping beyond hope to find a representative who would help me. The chat rep advised the credit was there and would be applied on the 24th.


Shockingly enough the credit was not applied on the 24th so I paid my normal monthly charge.


I then called on the 26th to find out why this mysterious credit was never applied to my account and was told it was pended to appear on my monthly cycle end date "12/31 at midnight this charge will apply."


January 2nd the credit still was not there so I called and asked be to transferred to a supervisor. After holding for 10 minutes I was connected and advised by the supervisor that the credit was going to be applied eventually so I asked to speak to his supervisor and he offered to transfer me to a supervisor in the fraud department. After holding 15 minutes he asked if I wanted to continue to hold for the fraud department and I told him yes so he placed me back on hold then hung up on me 5 minutes later.

Now my account is past due with a notice about being turned over to collections. I am loathe to contact these people again to be spun another lie about pending credits or to waste another hour of my life on hold waiting for their fraud department. So I have conclude that Sprint is the absolute worst. Long hold times, representatives who will lie to you multiple times and even reaching customer service is a nightmare since dialing the phone number launches their crappy malware app. Then once you are able to dial their automated system does everything in its power to prevent you from actually speaking to one of their less than helpful representatives.


Re: Customer Service is awful

Awful is not the word. It seems I spend at least an hour per month trying to get something fixed on my bill. This has been going on forever. Plus I can hardly understand the person trying to give me help. I've been with sprint over 10 years and I cannot wait to leave these idiots. The minor cost saving I get with these boobs is not worth it. Gawd I'm so frustrated with these guys. 

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