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Deceptive Sales Practices


Deceptive Sales Practices

I went into Torrance/ Hawthorne Sprint on Dec. 8th excited that I was able to upgrade my phone. I chose my phone and the Sales Person at the Torrance/ Hawthorne Sprint Store advised me on getting a screen protector and told me that warranty of the protector would cover damage to the screen and I agreed because it sounded reasonable.  I waited patiently for about an hour while he installed it and I left felling very happy with the purchase.

I made an appointment for Jan. 5th and went to the store because the protector was improperly installed and there was to the protector and the screen underneath had a crack in it. I explained to the sales associate that the protector was damaged and the screen was damaged unerneath it. I also showed her how it was improperly installed because there was an eighth of inch border around the screen where the protector didn't stick with cracks around it. I also showed her one of the corners had come unglued from the screen and it was full of dirt underneath. I asked if the warranty for the protector covered the damage of the screen. The sales associate said no that there was nothing that she unless I went through the insurance on the phone and paid the deductible. Well that wasn't what sales aaociate said when he sold it to me. I then asked for the Manager and she directed me to the Assistant Manager. I showed the Assistant Manager how it was improperly installed. I showed him where the protector was damaged and how it was improperly installed. After we looked at it then he accused me of dropping the phone. We both looked at the and I showed him that there was no damage (scratches or abbrasions) to the body of the phone and then he tried to tell me that protector is coming off the screen because of the dust under it. I explained to him that I had installed it at his location and that I would show him the reciept. Then he told me that the warranty of the protector only covers the protector. I asked "Why would buy a protector that only warranties the protector. I told him that his statement didn't make sense. Why would someone pay for a protector when the warranty that only covers the protector. I explained that I feel deceived by the sales person who told me it covered the screen. If sales person would have explained that to me from the beginning I would have a case that would have better protected my phone. I got the protector because of the assurance from the sales person that it had a warranty that covered the screen. He then asked me very upset what did I want. I told him that I want my phone repaired. He then told me that there was nothing he could do that I had to pay the deductible and have the insurance repair it and basically blew-me-off. I did not appreciate that i was asking for help and I was accused of dropping the phone when there was obvious damage to the protector from it being improperly installed and then to find out that I was deceived into buying the protector.  I asked for a business card with his name and the store ID# and that I would call Sprint directly

I called Sprint Customer Service who were very courteous and helpful, but in the end wants sent me back to same store to talk to the Manager. Which is upsetting considering how poorly I was treated by the Assistant Manager of that store?

I was wondering if there was another route to get this issue resolved before file a consumer complaint with the FCC and BBB?

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