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Delayed text messages - The 1% difference


Delayed text messages - The 1% difference

I just opened a new account with Sprint (I was with AT&T). On the account I have 2 iphones and 2 andriods. The 2 andriods and 1 of the iphones are new phones, but the other iphone (my iphone) is a number I ported over from AT&T.


All of the phones seem to be working fine except mine, the one we ported from AT&T. For that phone, whenever one of the andriods text it with a long message, it takes serveral minutes for the whole message to come. For example, if the message gets broken into 6 of 6 messages I comes in like this:

1/6 6:00pm

2/6 6:01pm

4/6 6:02pm

5/6 6:04pm

6/6 6:04pm

4/6 6:05pm


The above is a real example take from my phone.


 I called sprint and they said they updated something and I needed to reboot my phone and try again. So I did that and it didn't fix anything. So Sprint said take it to the sprint store. The sprint store said it must be my backup I restored from the AT&T phone to the sprint phone.  I knew it wasn't that, but I went ahead and did a full reset on the phone and set it up as a brand new phone. Next I showed the Sprint store guy that the problem still was happening.


So next they said it must be a bad phone, so they got out a brand new phone and switched them. Before leaving the store I set up the new phone as new (not from restore) and had the sprint store guy text me a long message from his andriod. The message took 10 minutes to completely come in....on the brand new phone. The sprint store guy said he didn't know what else to do, so I just left.


Since this problem isn't happening on the other iphone on our account, and since it still happens after replacing the phone and not using my backup, it must be something to do with the number being ported over from AT&T (unless I'm missing something). But sprint doesn't seem to know how to fix it and I can't just continue to have late messages, so if I can't figure this out soon I have to move all of the phones to Verizon or something.

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