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Deplorable Customer Service (continued)


Deplorable Customer Service (continued)

Your "April bill" response is a clear insult to my intelligence that I will post for all to see.

I know it's not the **bleep**ing payment for service during the month of April...
If you look at the bill DUE APRIL 19 for the service period of February 27 - March 26: Unlimited Freedom MRC = $60.00, Total Equipment Protection Plus = $13.00, Freedom Plan Discount = -$5.00, Monthly Lease = $27.09, Roaming Minutes = $11.80, Sprint Surcharges = $3.11, Government Taxes and Fees = $0.82

$60+$13-$5+$27.09+$11.80+$3.11+$0.82 = $110.82 (posted amount for bill due 4/19/2017)

My 50% on my monthly lease of $27.09 is $13.59, so my bill due on 4/19/2017 should be listed as:
$60+$13-$5+$13.59+$11.80+$3.11+$0.82 = $97.32 (posted amount for bill due 4/19/2017)


Also, $13.59 (what Sprint states is 50% of 27.09) is a bit more than 50%. 50% of $27.09 is $13.545, so appropriate rounding would be $13.55.

I will not be paying late charges that result from slow customer service.


The following is recent Customer "Service" emails:

Second Response from Sprint:

Inbox Sprint_Juan Social Care Sprint_Juan 15 hours ago
Re: Customer Service/ Billing Failure
(CUSTOMER NAME... Juan wrote my full name in 'Caps Lock' to demean my concerns). I understand what you mean. Let me explain what you are seeing. The $27.09 you will always see, but you should also see the monthly credit of $13.59. You are right, the bill is due on the 19th of each month but that is not the April bill you are paying, it is the February 27th - March 26. We will see on the next bill if the credit was applied to the bill then. The next bill comes out on 4/26 and will generate in the system on 4/30. If you do not see the credit then, let me know. Juan

Second message from me:

To: Social Care Sprint_Juan
Sent: ‎04-18-2017 07:25 PM
Re: Customer Service/ Billing Failure
You are correct. The credit was applied in March as a response to my complaint. However, the credit is not being applied to the bill that is due on 4/19/2017. In my previous apply, I attached images of my bill with the lease charge (without the 50% credit) highlighted in yellow. How can I be assured that this mistake will no longer happen?


First response from Sprint:

Sprint_Juan Social Care Sprint_Juan yesterday Friend Ignore
Re: Customer Service/ Billing Failure
Hi. Thanks for reaching back. Can you please specify what bill you are referring to. I am looking at the bill from 3/12/2017 and see the credit apply. One credit for $13.59 and the adjustment we provided on March 21. We await your response.

First message from me:

To: Social Care Sprint_Juan
Sent: ‎04-17-2017 10:52 PM
Re: Customer Service/ Billing Failure
Me again!

Sprint has failed! Surprise! After finally resolving the issue stated above, my 50% discount has been removed once again!! Does Sprint expect me to not review my bill? I am giving Sprint one last chance to resolve this issue and reinstate the 50% discount on my lease --without late charges-- before I go to another carrier. Once again, Deplorable customer service.

Sprint Social Care

Re: Deplorable Customer Service (continued)


It is important that you understand that our intention is never to insult our customer. I was simply making sure we were both on the same page. I'm sorry that you took that as an insult. Moving forward. Please check last months bill information, you will see that the credit was applied. Since we will be discussing personal account information, I will sent you the details of your bill with the credits and when they were applied.

Sprint Social Care
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