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Difficulty getting payment for a device that I returned - Also Promo gift card.


Difficulty getting payment for a device that I returned - Also Promo gift card.

I have 2 separate issues that I"m hoping someone from Sprint will see on this post and help me. I have spent hours and hours on the phone getting passed from one person to another. I have to tell the same story to each person every time as no one puts a note on the account. I have gotten Confirmation #'s that lead nowhere. This has been going on for 2 months now and I'm at the of the line with this horrible customer service.


Problem #1:

On June 30th 2019 I added my wife and mother in-laws numbers to my line and got 2 new iPhones with the promise that they would pay up to $650 of the outstanding balance to AT&T. I gave one of the phones to Sprint and kept one. The one I turned in was a iPhone 7 Plus which we still owed $246.00 on and the one I kept was an iPhone that we owed $44.00 on. I went online and put in the information and got a message on August 9th 2019 that a card was processing for the amount of $44.00. I called right away to explain that the amount was incorrect and that it should have been for $246.00 (This was my mistake as I entered the wrong phone number. But I did put in the correct Serial number and the serial number was listed on the receipt that was given to me from Sprint, so I don't really see how this should have happened or still be a confusing situation to rectify). I spent hours on the phone speaking to multiple people and at the end of the day they escalated it and promised that another card would be issued and expedited. It is now SEPTEMBER 24th and the card is nowhere to be found. I have called and no one can find any reference to this problem and I'm told that I'll still get the card but have been given no timeline. My wife's account with AT&T  has gone into collections because this has taken so long and I had to pay it on my credit card to keep it from damaging our credit. What in the world could cause this sort of confusion and miscommunication? Why does no one keeps notes in the customer accounts? Why is no one accountable for the expedited dates that were told to me? And why do you guys pass the customer around from agent to agent forcing us to repeat the same problem to each person? It's unacceptable customer service.


Problem #2:

When I added the extra 2 lines I also leased an iPhone XS MAX for myself and was told by the Sprint sales guy, Corbin, that I would receive a $250 gift card. I haven't thought of it in awhile but I figured I would have gotten it by now. I've gone to the Sprint reward center and was prompted to enter a promo code. I looked at my receipt from June 30th and there is no mention of any promotion on the receipt. The reward center url states that the purchase has to have been made in the last 30 day for this promotion. So did I lose out on that promotion by not going to the reward center. I was not given any instruction to do so. This just adds to my frustration with Sprint. Just seems shady that it's so difficult to get the money that was promised to me when I'm spending money on services and equipment.





Hi Jermnjones66. I'd be glad to take a look and see what's been going on with the Clean Slate issue.


The iPhone XS promotion you are referring to does have the requirement of registering within 30 days of activation and if that was not done, we would not be able to assist with that issue. 


I'll send you a PM so I can get a bit more info from you so I can review your account on the Clean Slate matter. 


"Hail Yourself!" - Ben Kissel


I feel you on problem #2 . Why would sprint not allow us to reference our promos? It's such conflicting and tricky language. Very deceitful. I just want to go back to att so bad. 

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