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Dumbest Security accessing Account.


Dumbest Security accessing Account.



Who  came up with this bright idea that you need to receive a text message to verify it's your account? Why isn't there a secondary option for those of us with a phone NOT WORKING! HOW do you expect us to receive a text with the passcode to access our account information?


Please add a secondary option to for those with broken phones or phone issues preventing us from viewing our account.


To access are account via phone support or in-store they ask for our security question or pin. Why isn't this our secondary option via the internet??????

Sprint Social Care S.M.A.R.T. Agent

Re: Dumbest Security accessing Account.

It is a security procedure we put in place to help protect customer's accounts and their information. I understand it can be upsetting when you have a phone that is broke, and can't access this the online account. I do we have worked with you once before regarding this issue. What is going on with your phone? We can always look into your account until your phone is fixed or replaced. 

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