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Employee Extremely rude


Employee Extremely rude

Tuesday sept. 24 4:00pm.

At the sprint store in 7010 Austin St, Forest Hills, NY 11375.

Employee- female.glasses.caucasian.medium length hair.only person working up front.



I entered the store in search of a new phone once mine recently got stolen. I looked though the iPhone section and a bit through the Samsung section since i wanted to get the right phone. After a while, the young white female employee whose name I don’t know (she wore glasses) started giving me attitude for some reason unbeknownst to me. She said, “do you have a question or something?” In a sassy tone implying that I was a burden to the store. And I asked her if they had the new iPhone in stock. She said, “no, it’s sold out” in a very aggressive voice. I was shocked because I didn’t know if I had done something wrong. I then asked if they would restock soon, to which she replied, “I DONT KNOW, maybe. MAYBE”. I was confused “maybe?” I asked. She said “maybe, I don’t know”. Honestly, I’m sure they did have the phones in stock but she just didn’t want to sell me anything or even tell me if or when they would restock. So I made my way down to the Samsung section since she told me the iPhones weren’t available. While I was admiring the nice colors and pen tool, she suddenly burst into this mood of fury and hatred. “Can you GO?!” She exclaimed. I was astounded and frankly left speechless. I had never met a store employee so angry at a customer, especially since I was minding my own business the entire time. I then politely told her that I wished to examine the phones and then purchase one. But she yelled back “NO i DONT want to sell you a phone, im NOT GOING to sell you a phone, I DONT CARE”. At this point she was fully and openly angry. I didn’t know what to say and she continued to yell “LEAVE, go leave. Get OUT!”. I didn’t want to cause anymore commotion and so I left, but I want able to purchase a new phone and honestly I was more upset that Sprint could even let a person like that work there. Not only did she yell at me furiously, but she kicked out a customer that was excited to buy a new phone. I may have been a bit slow in my examinations of each phone, but there where not many people in the store, and since when is it a crime to take my time? I left some information at the top about when she was working and her description, because I don’t feel most people would feel comfortable going to a sprint store with such terrible employees. I am recommending she be fired from her position, no person that works with customers should be that openly aggressive. Especially fr no apparent reason. Thank you.


I am so sorry you were treated that way. I believe we should send this up to have it looked into. I am going to send you a PM. You should have NEVER been treated that way. 

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