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Failed unlock for Galaxy S7

Journeyman KO1

Failed unlock for Galaxy S7

I have tried three different times to get my fully paid off Galaxy S7 unlocked. The first time, it seemed like the unlock worked because I used a google FI sim card in my phone successfully for about ten days, then the phone reverted to being locked by Sprint. When I go to UICC unlock, it says "Your device is locked to Sprint SIMS only". When I called for assistance, the customer service agent just told me Sprint already sent the unlock code and there is nothing else they can do. He insisted the phone was unlocked when it clearly is not. I called back to speak to a different customer service agent who told me no unlock code was ever sent and then said she resent the unlock code and I should wait 72 hours. I've waited that entire time with the Spring SIM in the phone, and the device is still locked. I've been on the phone with Sprint customer care for about 10 hours total now and no one is able to fix this problem. My husband is currently on the phone with an agent who is unable to figure out how to unlock the phone. PLEASE HELP. This is beyond frustrating.


Re: Failed unlock for Galaxy S7

Sounds like it would frustrating. We can look into this. Can you set the phone or phones up as stated below in the link, and once you have done that send me a PM with the IMEIs of the phones. 🙂 Usually this is pretty simple fix. 


SOLUTION: Sprint Hints for Successful Unlocks

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