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Forever lease phone too expensive


Forever lease phone too expensive


I want to return the phone I am leasing through Sprint, a Samsung Galaxy S8, because I was told my original lease of $11 a line, for two Samsung Galaxy S6 and an iPhone, would not change much.  Actually the exact wording was "for only a little more than what your lease is now."


Well, of course, my bill didn't come until after the 14 days had come and gone and it was far more than "a little more."  My $11 per line went up to $33/line.  So before I was paying $33 extra on my bill, now it is close to $100!  I won't even own these phones at the end of the 12 months and I cannot afford them anymore!


So, would it be possible to return the phones and get something cheaper?  I realize I an going to get charged some sort of fee, but I would like to know exactly what those charges will be.


Re: Forever lease phone too expensive

Atomika, I will gladly help you out with this. I would like to review your account and charges individually so that we can take care of this for you. Can you please reply to my private message so that we can assist you today?

Sprint Social Care Team.
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