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Formal Complaint Help?


Formal Complaint Help?

To Who This May Concern,

Thank you for opening this and getting back to me in advanced or simply chiming in on this horrible corporation.
I took the preventative measure after I canceled service with you guys to call support and visited three corporate Sprint stores as well before making my decision. All outlets had a different answer for me but the route I took which I was told would be the most secure was to return a device to the store so it would reflect immediately on my account so that I would not be charged.
I have been in limbo since 11/27 after returning the device to the store, I followed up and ever since I have been told to wait a day, 48 hours, 5 business days, to check my email for a tracking number, in the end nothing was ever resolved and I was charged on 1-9 for the amount of the phone plus what was left to pay on the account. Since then I have been trying to get refunded for what I was expecting never to pay for in the first place by returning the device to a corporate store through an agent / representative (Jasmin Martinez at Sprint store 5149 in Oxnard,CA. Manager William was present at the time as well.)
If you were to pull up my account you will see the hours I have put in to this to no resolution. I am more than ever getting the run around. I am now being told to reach out to my bank or go back to the Sprint store to dispute. I would have stayed with the service but in the area that I relocated to I was paying for something that wouldn't even work within my own home. I would like to place a complaint on the way agents are being trained to lie and deviate from an actual guaranteed to work answer, and also a complaint about the supervisors and managers whom apparently cannot do much besides give me the same thing of give us 24 hours for a resolution to no avail or even a call back as promised.  I am extremely disappointed and never thought I would be going through such extremes, my time and money have been robbed by Sprint Wireless. This is not right what y'all are doing. 
Best regards,

It sounds like you've been through a lot. Do you have any receipts or tracking numbers for the return of the phone? Are we looking for just 1 phone, or multiple phones? It sounds like it just needs to be checked in to process the credits. I would like to take this opportunity to say that when your lease is cancelled, you'll always see a charge for the remaining lease payments and purchase option price. Only when the phone is checked in within the same bill cycle, will you see the credits on the same bill. 





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