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Fraudulent Insurance Claims

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Fraudulent Insurance Claims

I just logged in to pay my bill last night and had two $200 charges on one line, and another $200 charge on a second line for insurance deductibles– my bill was over $1,000!  On top of that there were charges for Saturday shipping!  I had to go to a sprint store to verify my identity because when I called in my security question and pin had both been changed, afterward I had to spend another hour on the phone with Sprint trying to communicate with agents just to be told I have to handle this with Asurion.  I get transferred to an Asurion rep who basically tells me they have to start a fraud investigation.  They said the claims were done online using two different email addresses (that aren't mine).  I asked how it was possible to claim two phones back to back on the same line and another one on another line without red flags being raised.  On top of all this I got a letter in the mail advising that a claim on a third line was denied because no insurance coverage exists.  I asked where these phones were shipped to, but got no response.  I did a little investigating myself and went in to Asurion's website and tracked these claims.  This was not hard to do at all- you just need the cell number!  FedEx shows phones were shipped to Newark, NJ and Miami, FL.  ANOTHER HUGE RED FLAG - I live in VA!  How in the world are these people just allowing claims to be made without doing their due diligence prior to shipping - and WHY are you allowing these phones to be charged to the bill?  Let's be serious!  If someone is filing a claim, they should be made to pay the deductible up front - Sprint and Asurion are just leaving the door wide open for thieves, meanwhile you make your customers lives a nightmare, have them jump through hoops to get things straight, and if that wasn't bad enough you have the audacity to badger your customer like they're trying to get over.  How about you do this type of questioning before you approve claims?! 


It is apparent that there is someone working for either Sprint or Asurion that is doing this, or is providing private information to the people who are.  The two email addresses Asurion told me were used for the claims are my full name @ and my sprint user id @ – no one would know both of those unless they worked for a company that has access to the account. I googled Sprint and Asurion Fraud and can see tons of people with the same issue!  There are also others with the exact same issue as me who have posted to this site. Wake up Sprint and Asurion!


It looks like it is difficult to get charges reversed in a timely manner, so in the mean time I have only paid my actual phone charges less the $680 worth of fraudulent deductibles. Sprint changed my due date to 7/28 because the investigation should be done by then. Hopefully, they do the right thing and get this handled quickly otherwise I will be seeking a new carrier.

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Re: Fraudulent Insurance Claims

islanddreams, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We definitely need to look into this ASAP. Please check your inbox and reply to the private message I sent you.

Sprint Social Care Team.

Re: Fraudulent Insurance Claims

This exact scam is happening to me right now. Sprint's Asurion and work it out. Thanks. Over $800 in charges. 4 $200 deductibles and the best the phone company can do is have me call the insurance company. You guys need to be more proactive to fraud on your customers accounts.


Re: Fraudulent Insurance Claims

I have the same fraud going on my account seems like the companies have a significant control problem resulting in a lot of fraud

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