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Galaxy S5 has every voicemail problem


Galaxy S5 has every voicemail problem

For the 2 years I've owned it, my Galaxy S5 has not had any problems with the basic Visual Voicemail app. Suddenly, at some point after November 4, 2016 (the last VVM downloaded msg), my phone started glitching with voicemail issues. First, I started getting notifications for voicemails that "could not be downloaded." I had to call into my voicemail to access rather than checking through the VVM app. Then, after I would listen to the message, it would not clear the voicemail notification on the top of my phone. I had to restart my phone every time I received and listened to a voicemail to clear the notification. Annoying! Then, in the past two to four weeks, I am not even getting ANY notifications anymore that I have a voicemail. I realized last week when my husband asked if I got his voicemail and I said what voicemail? I called in and turned out I had 2 unheard messages!


I have searched and read many threads on voicemail issues and this seems to be an ongoing (read=many years) problem with Sprint that has never been reesolved and has been problematic across many phones. I have tried as many suggestions as I could figure out, including disabling Hangouts and other SMS providers, doing all available updates, checking various settings and notification settings, removing and replacing the battery, etc. Nothing seems to be working, and Sprint apparently won't let me submit a ticket electronically for this known problem. I don't have time to spend 2 hours on the phone with Sprint for them not to have a fix.


And I don't want to be told I should upgrade my phone when this is the only thing that is not working. Interesting how Sprint phones always suddenly stop working well after the 2-year mark.... I just don't have a few hundred dollars for a new phone! (Whatever happened to free phones every 2 years??) I pay a LOT of money to Sprint every month and I expect better service.


Re: Galaxy S5 has every voicemail problem

Hello cat697381, sorry for the troubles, we know that it is important to have access to the voicemail messages.


This is not the kind of experience we want you to have. Please reply to the private message I sent you so we can work on this and  turn this around!



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