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So, this will be a lot, but the amount of bad service has been so much more. 

In 2010 I merged my several years old Sprint account with my girlfriends new Family plan account. I was told the account was finalized and merged and everything was great. 

In 2017, on 2 or 3 November, I called Sprint Customer Service and requested that my phone number be separated from the joint account due to the accounts becoming separate again. I was told by the rep, and his supervisor, that everything would be smooth and done by the 3rd of November. 

1 week later and my service no longer worked. I checked my Sprint account, on MySprint App and Web, to see that I owed 172$. But I could not access any other information besides what I owed and how to pay. 

Assuming that the 172$ was due to my account I paid the past due amount, thinking it would restore service. But no change to service. 

I then called customer service (again) and spoke with a very rude rep who told me that on the 4th of Nov. that my ex-girlfriend canceled my number. Then refused to access my account to see where my 172$ had gone. Then went so far saying that I needed to contact my ex-girlfriend and make some odd claims that Sprint was not involved in my personal matter, which was unnecessary since I wasn't asking Sprint to do so. 

I then contacted my ex, received permission to access both of our accounts. This is where things get crazy. 

I was told by various reps that 1. that I had paid 172$ but no one knew where that amount had gone to. 2. I had paid 172$ to my old account, from 2010, that was canceled and couldn't be reinstated. But then later told, by the same rep, that she couldn't know if I had paid into the old account, or where this 172$ charge had suddenly come from because I couldn't access the account, even though I paid money into it. 3. That I had a new account that my original number could be transferred over to, but then suddenly I needed to open a new account and pay another downpayment for yet another account. But that I couldn't do this until I removed my Social Security # from my old account (2010 one) which would then erase all information and no longer allow me to track where the 172$ charge had come from, or if even that charge was connected to the account. 

So, essentially I was told I had an account that suddenly had a 172$ charge to it after several years, but no one knew where the charge came from or if my 172$ payment went to that even. But that I should kiss that money goodbye and pay even more, in a downpayment and activation fee and so on, to open yet another account, even though I already had an "old" account and an active account. But not really active because I needed a new one. Though I was not eligible for any new customer deals of course because I already had an account. But to do so would erase all evidence of the "old" account and where my 172$ went or where that charge came from. So, that seems very shady.

From a business plan viewpoint, it is always cheaper to maintain an old customer than acquire a new one. It is also bad practice to create sudden charges without telling the customer where that charge came from or where the customer's money went. 

I want to know why I am being treated so poorly after being a Sprint customer for over a decade, why my account that was canceled, yet somehow able to accrue charges, can't be reactivated, even though I'm able to apparently pay money into it, where those charges came from and why these were never brought up from 2010 until 2017, and why, despite all of these bad practices, I'm also being treated like a new customer that must pay even more yet am not eligble for any new customer deals. Lastly, why, if Sprint is going to treat their loyal customers like this why I shouldn't just go with another carrier since I am apparently starting all over with Sprint and have had 172$ simply vanish into the digital void. Also, I would like my 172$ back if Sprint can't give me a very good reason why I was suddenly charged this for an account that is long inactive and cant be reactivated.

Looking forward to speedily hearing of possible resolutions or advice from everyone else.


Thanks for bringing this up to our attention SeanM1.


This is definitely not the experience that we strive to provide you or any of our customers with. We'd like to help you address this as soon as possible. Please check your Inbox, I'll send you a private message.

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